Diablo 4 XP Event Could Be Coming To WoW: Dragonflight

Diablo 4 XP Event Could Be Coming To WoW: Dragonflight

Diablo IV’s launch is right around the corner, and when it does arrive, it looks like adventurers in World of Warcraft will be able to take advantage of the special occasion.

Via Wowhead, a data mine of the latest public test realm build for WoW: Dragonflight’s upcoming 10.1 patch (which is slated to arrive May 2) has revealed a number of Diablo-related references and items, as well as descriptive text referring to an event called “The Winds of Sanctuary.” Here’s the exact wording of the data mined text:

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“Strange winds blow in from another world. Sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land, and heroes are filled with renewed vigor. Treasure Goblins can be spotted from TBD to TBD. The Winds of Sanctuary blow in from TBD to TBD.”

“TBD” stands for “to be determined,” so it seems like Blizzard hasn’t quite set the dates for the event in stone just yet. However, considering the event is Diablo IV related, one would assume for the event to happen sometime near Diablo IV’s June 6 launch.

A number of Diablo-themed items have appeared in the PTR build that look to be tied to the event and could possibly be rewards for finding the treasure goblins mentioned in the event’s description. WoW players will be able to get their hands on Wirt’s Leg, a cosmetic Treasure Nabbin’ Bag, a 16-slot bag named the Horadric Haversack, and an Emnity Hood and Cloak cosmetic. One of Diablo’s Lesser Evils–Belial, the Lord of Lies–also looks to be coming to WoW in the form of a battle pet named Baa’lial.

Last but not least, it looks like WoW players will be able to enjoy a 50% experience and 8% reputation buff for the duration of the event, though the reputation buff will not apply to WoW’s soon to be added new Renown faction, the mole-like niffin.

It wouldn’t be the first time there was a crossover between WoW and Diablo. Blizzard previously ran a special Diablo event in WoW in honor of Diablo’s 20th anniversary back in 2017 that included references to iconic Diablo items like the Horadric Cube and Stone of Jordan, and those who preorder Diablo IV on PC also get a demonic mount to use in Blizzard’s long-running MMORPG.

Blizzard recently detailed what exactly players will be up to in Diablo IV’s endgame, hot off the heels of the game’s open beta that saw more than 2.6 million players reach level 20.

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