‘Destiny 2’ developer says it “missed the mark” with parts of Lightfall

Bungie has acknowledged that it “missed the mark” with parts of last month’s Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2.

In a blog, published last night (April 5), Bungie praised Lightfall for beating the studio’s sales expectations and bringing in the most concurrent players the game had seen “in years”.

However, game director Joe Blackburn acknowledged that with the expansion’s launch, Bungie “didn’t provide the full clarity we originally planned for when we set out creating Lightfall”.


The expansion’s Steam reviews currently sit at a ‘Mostly Negative’ rating, as players have reported experiencing technical issues, a disappointing story, and limited content.

“It’s clear we missed the mark on some of our goals and needed to make updates based on constructive feedback,” said Bungie in its recent blog.

Destiny 2, Lightfall. Credit: Bungie.
Destiny 2, Lightfall. Credit: Bungie.

As a result, Bungie has listed a number of areas that it plans to revisit. Going forward, Guardian Ranks will now show players’ highest-attained rank rather than it starting anew each season, while Bungie will also take another pass at re-tuning Destiny 2‘s difficulty.

Elsewhere, future changes to the drop rates of Exotic-tier armour will make it easier to grab better equipment in Legend and Master-difficulty Lost Sector activities, while Lightfall’s Vex Strike Force event will offer a new way of grabbing any Exotics players haven’t found yet.

The rest of Destiny 2‘s ongoing Season 21 will also bring upgrades to over 15 pieces of Exotic armour, while “team-unfriendly Vanguard bounties” will also be changed.


You can see Bungie’s full list of addressed feedback here.

Looking ahead, the studio has teased that the game’s upcoming Season 21 will bring two new armour mods, along with another Strand Aspect for each of the game’s three classes.

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