Dead Island 2 – How To Get The Goat Pen Master Keys

In Dead Island 2, you’ll often come across locked rooms or safes that can seem so teasing. You’ll assume–or even see–sought-after items inside of them, but without the keys, all you can do is window-shop. One of the earliest examples is in the Goat Pen house, a crash pad for a group of streamers, content creators, and internet pranksters. These long-lost zoomers left behind the Goat Pen Master Keys somewhere in their home, and with them, you’ll be able to grab a new weapon blueprint on the other side of a locked door. Here’s how to get the Goat Pen Master Keys as soon as possible.

Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Keys location

Oddly enough, the Goat Pen Master Keys are in the locked room that requires the keys to open it. You can’t know that beforehand; you can only discover it once you figure out an alternate path into the room. There’s actually more than one way to get into the room. Here we’ll tell you the easiest way.

When you’re in the back of the house littered with supercars, which is where you’ll first find yourself when you come upon it while traveling through Bel-Air, head down the path marked on the screenshot below. This will put you on the second story of the elaborate home, overlooking a rooftop patio and more.

Head up the stairs and to the left.
Head up the stairs and to the left.

Once you’re in this area, head to the edge of the roof where you can look down to a lower level which features some large windows. These windows actually look into the locked room, so hop down and smash your way into the room. This will immediately set off an alarm, which you can deactivate by hitting the device off the wall, but a horde of zombies will still descend on you, so pull out your best weapons and go to work.

Head off the ledge here and you'll find yourself outside of the locked room.
Head off the ledge here and you’ll find yourself outside of the locked room.

Clear the room and head for the blueprint that was once tantalizingly unreachable. You’ll also find the keys to open the door, giving yourself an easier way to get back in next time, which you may want to do since, as we mention in our Dead Island 2 tips guide, crafting materials respawn whenever you return to an area.

Here you'll find a new blueprint as well as the keys to keep the door opened for next time.
Here you’ll find a new blueprint as well as the keys to keep the door opened for next time.

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