Dead Island 2 Guides Hub: Melee Weapons, Keys, And More

Dead Island 2 Guides Hub: Melee Weapons, Keys, And More

Dead Island 2 is out now, and if you’re ready to dive into Hell-A with your preferred Slayer and a few friends in co-op, we’ve got a bundle of guides ready to help you along the way.

From early-game tips to latter-stage quest solutions, we’ve already played dozens of hours of Dambuster’s new zombie RPG and have the guides to match. Here are all of our Dead Island guides on weapons, missions, and more in one easily bookmarked place.

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Getting started


For tips on exploring, combat, and crafting, check out our Dead Island 2 tips.


You can play the entirety of Dead Island 2 in two- or three-player co-op, but it comes with a few wrinkles to be aware of ahead of time. Here’s what to know about Dead Island 2 co-op.

Fast travel

It’s not obvious how to fast travel in Dead Island 2, so let us show you how.


Fuses are quickly important, but you may not know how to get your hands on them. Here’s how.

Best weapons

From early-game weapons to late-game Legendaries, here are the best weapons you’ll want to get your hands on.


There’s quite an array of guns in Dead Island 2, but you’ll need to clear a certain checkpoint before you’ll see them pop up as loot.

Tricky quests

The Clean and Snatch

Perhaps the trickiest quest in the initial hours is this introduction to Lost and Found missions. Here’s how to complete The Clean and Snatch.

The Search for Truth

Later in the game, you’ll be looking for a particular lab, but it’s hard to locate. Here’s where to find Dr. Reed’s lab in The Search for Truth mission.



Curveballs are your throwable weapons, such as grenades and molotovs, but you have to discover them like collectibles.

Goat Pen Master keys

An early locked room teases you with a blueprint on the other side. Here’s how to get inside with the Goat Pen master keys.

Halperin Hotel keys

The Halperin Hotel has many locked safes and other items to get into. Here’s a rundown of where to find all keys inside the hotel.

Security Guard’s safe key

Outside the hotel is your introduction to over-leveled enemies, as they’ll be guarding the Security Guard’s keys.

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