Dead Island 2 – All Curveball Locations Guide

Dead Island 2 – All Curveball Locations Guide

Curveballs in Dead Island 2 are basically throwable items. Most are used offensively to take out enemies, while others provide utility effects. Here’s our guide to help you get all the Curveballs in Dead Island 2.

Where to find all Curveballs in Dead Island 2

You can equip two Curveballs at a time in Dead Island 2. You may then swap and throw them by pressing the corresponding buttons/keybinds (i.e. “T” and “Q” respectively on PC or the D-pad on controller). Likewise, some Skill Cards in the game offer synergies when it comes to Curveball usage, such as boosting your damage after you toss an item. Feel free to mix and match accordingly.

In any case, we’ve listed all Dead Island 2 Curveball locations below. Do note that some of the quests mentioned here might not be available until you’ve progressed further in the campaign.

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Meat Bait

  • Location: Bel-Air – Can be obtained for free by trading with Carlos during the Call the Cavalry quest. It’s essentially the first Curveball you’ll receive in the campaign.
  • Effect: Creates a gooey puddle that attracts regular zombies, not Apex types.


  • Location: Bel-Air – Stuck on a black car’s window just as you approach the sign that leads to Halperin Hotel.
  • Effect: Can be hurled at zombies to cause physical damage.

Chem Bomb

  • Location: Halperin Hotel – On the second floor just before the section with flames.
  • Effect: Can be used to extinguish flames; makes zombies traumatized and soggy.
The Chem Bomb can put out fires, which is useful for this particular area.

Caustic-X Bomb

  • Location: Halperin Hotel – Complete the Ravages of Caustic-X sidequest.
  • Effect: Explodes after a short while, dealing caustic damage and melting zombies that get affected.

Pipe Bomb

  • Location: Beverly Hills – Follow the street that leads to Monarch Studios. Just before passing through the checkpoint, you’ll see this placed neatly in a yellow case.
  • Effect: Will explode after a couple of seconds once thrown.

Electric Star

  • Location: Beverly Hills – Continue onward with the campaign until you’re done with the O Michael, Where Art Thou mission in Monarch Studios. Upon leaving, you’ll be at the Brentwood Water facility. This is stuck to a metal fence beside the gate.
  • Effect: Similar to the Shuriken in that it deals damage directly to the target. The only difference is that it also causes the shock effect (and any elemental reactions that can be triggered).

Military Grenade

  • Location: Monarch Studios – This is your reward upon completing the Boz Makes a Bang sidequest.
  • Effect: Has a more powerful and bigger AoE radius compared to other explosives.

Molotov Cocktail

  • Location: Brentwood Sewer – This Dead Island 2 Curveball is found as you’re going through this stinky and dank area. You’ll eventually reach an office with a charnel pit filled with Slobbers. The item is on a table just before this section.
  • Effect: Causes flames to erupt on the area where it’s thrown.
Don't forget to pick up the Molotov Cocktail before you head deeper into Brentwood Sewer.
Don’t forget to pick up the Molotov Cocktail before you head deeper into Brentwood Sewer.

Sticky Bomb

  • Location: Ocean Avenue – Can be purchased from the Serling Hotel trader for $1,500.
  • Effect: Will stick to a surface or enemy that it hits before exploding.

Nail Bomb

  • Location: Ocean Avenue – As you’re doing The Search for Truth mission, you’ll visit an apartment complex to look for Tisha. This item is in one of the bedrooms on the second floor.
  • Effect: Just like most bomb-type items in the game, this will explode after being thrown. However, it also applies the bleed status to enemies.

Bait Bomb

  • Location: Ocean Avenue – After purchasing the Sticky Bomb and completing The Search for Truth quest, the same trader will have this available for $3,500.
  • Effect: It will also lure regular zombies, just like the Meat Bait. However, it will also explode after a while.

Electric Bomb

  • Location: Venice Beach – This Dead Island 2 Curveball is one of the rewards upon completing the Jo’s Secret Stash Lost and Found quest. If you’re unable to get the mission, you might need to advance further or complete the campaign, similar to many other Lost and Found quests.
  • Effect: Has a wide radius that causes a burst of electricity that zaps hostiles, almost akin to a Shocking Walker’s or Shocking Runner’s ability.

Dead Island 2 has you facing the horrors of a zombie apocalypse. You can learn about other mechanics and content in our guides hub.

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