‘Dead By Daylight’ introduces Albert Wesker with ‘Resident Evil’ “sequel”

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Behaviour Interactive has revealed Project W, an upcoming chapter of Dead By Daylight which will add three characters from Capcom‘s Resident Evil series – including Albert Wesker as a killer.

Wesker will be known as The Mastermind in Dead By Daylight, and will hunt down survivors by utilising a viral weapon called Uroboros, which comes with an infection mechanic that Behaviour Interactive has not yet detailed. For those infected by Wesker, a limited amount of First Aid Sprays dotted around the map can be used to fight off the virus – though Behaviour notes these will “only delay the inevitable.”

Along with Wesker, two new survivors from the Resident Evil series – Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers – are also being added. The trio will join Nemesis, Leon Kennedy, and Jill Valentine in the game; who were added to Dead By Daylight in 2021. Speaking to press, Behaviour shared that this is the game’s first “sequel” to crossover content.

Dead By Daylight. Credit: Behaviour Interactive.

The 2021 update also included a Raccoon City Police Department map, for which Project W will bring a significant rework. The Police Department has been broken up into two maps for its East and West wings respectively, though both will share the Department’s central hall. Several rooms have been removed, while new entrances have been added and the Department’s corridors have been widened. According to Behaviour Interactive, the goal of this is to reduce the area’s overall size and make navigating the map simpler.

On Project W, Capcom shared that it is “delighted to collaborate once more with Dead By Daylight,” and added that seeing the trio of Resident Evil characters “stand on their own in a new universe is a proud moment.”

No release date for Project W has been confirmed just yet, but Behaviour Interactive has shared that it will be out soon.

Several weeks ago, Behaviour Interactive’s last Dead By Daylight crossover added several outfits from Attack On Titan.