DAWN says his split with HyunA was “very difficult to deal with”

South Korean musician DAWN has opened up about his public breakup with HyunA and how he feels now.

Last December, DAWN and HyunA took to their personal Instagrams to announce in now-deleted posts that they had split after a six-year relationship. The duo had began dating sometime in 2016, while both idols were signed to CUBE Entertainment, and subsequently announced their romance in 2018.

DAWN has since opened up about the breakup, saying at it was initially “very difficult to deal with”. He told Rolling Stone: “I couldn’t get used to it. It was an extremely difficult time.”


“But what I realized in that process was that I wasn’t in love with HyunA’s looks or social status – I was genuinely in love with her soul,” he added.

“I was able to overcome that pain by realizing that I want her to be even happier, even when she is not beside me – even more happy than when we were together – because I really love her,” DAWN continued, saying that his ex’s happiness is his “number-one priority”.

The musician also spoke about how he dealt with the breakup, saying that he would take many walks, once up to “four hours”. He said: “I wanted to feel like I could just crash and fall asleep, because I was so exhausted. So I kept myself busy.”

Months prior to the duo’s split, they had departed from the PSY-founded label P Nation together. The marked the end of both artists’ nearly four-year relationship with the agency, after signing with the label in January 2019.

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