‘Company Of Heroes 3’ confirms May release date for Xbox and PS5 debut

Sega has announced that Company Of Heroes 3 will be coming to consoles next month, in a series first for the traditionally PC-exclusive strategy franchise.

Company Of Heroes 3 will launch on May 30 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, while pre-orders for physical and digital versions of the strategy game will open from April 25.

However, the game won’t be identical to its PC counterpart. In a press release, Sega explained that the real-time strategy (RTS) title will feature full controller support and an interface that has been adapted for players using controllers.


The console version was first announced at The Game Awards last year, and comes several months after the World War 2 strategy game launched for PC. The existing version of the game recently received its first major patch, which brought “over 1,300” changes and introduced microtransactions.

NME‘s Company Of Heroes 3 review awarded the game five stars, and praised it as a “stellar RTS” with “explosive fun”.

Company Of Heroes 3. Credit: Relic Entertainment, Sega.
Company Of Heroes 3. Credit: Relic Entertainment, Sega.

“Quite simply, Company of Heroes 3 is probably the best RTS of the last decade,” reads our review. “A wealth of single-player content and a solid foundation for long-term multiplayer action have combined to make this a cinematic WW2 masterpiece that’s essential for strategy games.”

We also described the game’s multiplayer components as “savage, scrappy and wonderful” in a separate feature.

“Each faction has a distinct identity and numerous playstyles, and it all makes for wonderfully lawless multiplayer: when they all clash, you get a dynamic Saving Private Ryan with more swearing and less Tom Hanks.”


Along with Company Of Heroes 3‘s console announcement, yesterday (April 13) Total War: Warhammer 3 – another of Sega’s strategy titles – received its biggest update to date.

Update 3.0 introduced the game’s villainous Chaos Dwarf faction, and was “stacked” with tweaks, fixes and balance changes.

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