Colin Farrell returns as ‘The Penguin’ in ‘The Batman’ spin-off series trailer

Colin Farrell returns as ‘The Penguin’ in ‘The Batman’ spin-off series trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming The Batman spin-off series The Penguin has arrived – watch Colin Farrell return as the titular villain below.

It was confirmed last year that Farrell would reprise his role as Oswald Cobblepot – aka the Penguin – in the new series for HBO Max, which will pick up after the film’s events.

“The world that Matt Reeves created for The Batman is one that warrants a deeper gaze through the eyes of Oswald Cobblepot,” Farrell said of his involvement.


“I couldn’t be more excited about continuing this exploration of Oz as he rises through the darkened ranks to become The Penguin. Will be good to get him back on the streets of Gotham for a little madness and a little mayhem.”

A first preview of the eight-episode series has now arrived, alongside confirmation that it will hit screens in 2024.

See the trailer below.

Late last year, Farrell shared details about the opening scene of the Penguin spin-off series. In a recent interview with ExtraTV, the actor revealed that the new show will pick up a week after the events of The Batman, which saw Gotham City flooded following a terrorist attack plotted by the Riddler.

“[The Penguin series] starts about a week after The Batman ends, so Gotham is still somewhat underwater,” said Farrell.


He then detailed the very first scene of the series, saying: “I read the first script for the first episode and it opens up with my feet splashing through the water in Falcone’s office. Even just that alone when I read it, I thought, “Oh jeeze!”.

“It’s lovely,” he continued. “It’s so well-written. Lauren LeFranc has done an extraordinary job and she’s writing the whole thing and showrunning it. She’s formidable and it’s just a very exciting prospect.

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