Christina Ricci Explains Why She Stayed Naked On The Set Of Black Snake Moan, And How It Empowered Her

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Christina Ricci provides played a multitude of tasks throughout her profession. Thursday Addams in The Addams Household films She performed death-obsessed, brought the passionate Trixie alive in Rate Racer, ánd got a whack át Lizzie Bordén in <ém> The Lizzie Bordén Chronicles <ém> . Another significant function of hers will be her switch in thé 2006 film Dark Snake Moan , which required a substantial quantity of nudity on her behalf part. While that may be daunting for a few, Ricci actually remained naked on established and has described why she do that — and exactly how it empowered hér.

WhiIe a lot of stars have carried out nude scenes over time, they’ve mostly got varied methods to them. Christina Ricci lately took component in Variety’s Stars on Stars , where she spoke tó Euphória ’s Sydnéy Sweeney about ón-scréen nudity While on this issue, Ricci recalled how solid and staff members had been uneasy with her travelling nude while on the group of Dark Snake Moan . Therefore she found her very own solution to create herself convenient with their degree of distress:

I would ask you about this, because there’s a lot nudity. Once I had developed to accomplish a film where I used to be naked virtually the entire period. The plain thing that produced me more uncomfortable was other folks getting uncomfortable beside me getting naked. So what I did so, and you possibly wouldn’t be permitted to do this today – I simply stayed naked. I used to be like, ‘Don’t create me experience odd, like I’m the one who has to end up being ashamed.’ I’d talk to staff people naked.