Chlöe Bailey Used Music to Pull Herself Out of Depression: ‘This Life Is Worth Living For’

Mental Health

In a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, the singer opened up about her mental health

Music has been Chlöe Bailey‘s saving grace. During a recent interview on The Tamron Hall Show, the 24-year-old singer shared that hitting the studio and getting her thoughts down through lyrics helped pull her out of varying states of depression.

“You know when you get stuck in that moment for too long and it feels a little too long being there?” she said. “It didn’t have anything to do with my career or my music, it was all personal internal things and I think when you figure things out that make you question your entire life, you look at yourself like ‘What did I do wrong? Am I good enough?’ Things like that. And for me, I used music to pull me out of it, my God, Mom and my family … all of them kind of helped lift me back up into better spirits.”

Even in those moments, Bailey sought a balance between the good and the bad. “You have your ups and you have your downs,” she added. “It’s never going to be a steady course, but at least I feel confident enough in knowing this life is worth living for.”


Last week, Bailey released her debut solo album In Pieces, featuring songs like “Make It Look Easy” and “Heart on my Sleeve.” Both records grapple with vulnerability and self-understanding in the face of scrutiny.

“From far away, you get this perfect image: Nothing’s wrong with the person,” she told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “Then when you get closer, that’s when the little tiny cracks of having to re-glue and re-piece themselves back together time and time again are appearing. So it’s all about perception. All of us are going through a lot.”

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