Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer Is Finally Returning, But For How Long?

Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey is coming back to Chicago Fire after over two years away.

By TeeJay Small
| Published

Fans of the NBC procedural drama Chicago Fire may be desperately missing series star Jesse Spencer since his character’s move to Portland, Oregon, back in 2021. After more than 10 seasons and 200 episodes of the Dick Wolf-produced series, Spencer’s character, Captain Matt Casey, departed his home city of Chicago for a number of personal reasons to join the Portland fire department. With this week’s episode bringing Matt Casey back to Chicago for the first time since season 10’s wedding between Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, Deadline reports we may see more of Jesse Spencer than a mere cameo appearance.

While sitting down with Deadline, Jesse Spencer revealed that Casey’s time in Portland seems to be coming to an end in some capacity, though he refused to comment directly on whether fans of Chicago Fire would be seeing more of him in the near future. In this week’s episode, Casey returns to Chicago to ensure that the firehouse remains in good hands during his absence, though it seems he’s got an agenda regarding his former lover, Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett. Before Casey skipped town for Oregon, he and Brett tried to engage in a long-distance relationship, with less than favorable results, forcing the couple to eventually call it quits.

That is, of course, unless Matt Casey makes a triumphant return to the Windy City in a more permanent capacity. Right now, Casey is involved with the FBI and Homeland Security, quarterbacking a top-secret task force in order to thwart and prevent domestic terror attacks across the United States, speaking to the very real relationship first responders typically have protecting their communities. Despite his commitment to the cause and the new title, Jesse Spencer has revealed that Matt Casey does truly consider Chicago his forever home, remarking that his stint away from the firehouse in the city that made him could only ever be temporary.

Chicago Fire is just one of Dick Wolf’s successful procedurals, with Law & Order, FBI, and Chicago PD dominating the television landscape for decades. This television genre speaks to the relationship communities feel toward first responders such as firefighters and homicide detectives, making it obvious why fans hold such significant attachments toward characters like Matt Casey. After growing and developing with television characters for over a decade, it stands to reason that fans would find themselves jumping for joy at the long-awaited reunion of Casey and Sylvie Brett.

Of course, Jesse Spencer has clarified in his interview that his future with the NBC series is uncertain, though he specified that he has expressed to series creator Derek Haas that he is willing to return to Chicago Fire upon request, leaving the door open for a grander return. With the incredible series continuing to bring in a core base of viewers on the edge of their seats for the return of Matt Casey, we certainly hope the Portland fire department can do without him soon enough.

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