Cardi B Shows Off Handwritten Note From Beyoncé: Anyone Who Touches It Will Be ‘Electrocuted’

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Queen Bey called her a “hard-working, beautiful and talented queen” in a personal note

Cardi B has a new prized possession: a copy of Beyoncé’s Renaissance, with a message from Queen Bey herself. On Monday, the rap star posted a video of herself showing off the LP — and she made it clear: no one better touch it!

“Look what Beyoncé sent me. Read it, bitch!” she said with a laugh, holding up the LP. “It was so beautiful, so lovely. I’m gonna put it in a glass frame with some laser beams on it. Anyone who gets mothafuckin’ next to it is gonna get electrocuted on mothafuckin’ site.”

“I just wanna say ‘thank you so much.’ I feel so special,” Cardi said before singing along to her song, “Plastic Off the Sofa.”

The note from Beyoncé read: “Hard working, beautiful and talented queen. Thank you for always supporting me. Sending so much love to you and yours.”

Beyoncé and Cardi B have been good friends for a while. In fact, when Beyoncé joined TikTok, she included a clip of Cardi singing along to “Break My Soul.”

Beyoncé released her album Renaissance back in August, featuring songs such as “Cuff It,” “Virgo’s Groove,” and “Alien Superstar.” Read a Rolling Stone review: “Beyoncé is more relatable than ever, giving listeners all the anthems and sultry slaps we love and have come to expect from her, proving that inclusivity is the new black.”