Buju Banton and Snoop Dogg Celebrate 4/20 With New Pot Paean ‘High Life’

High Times

The song, which debuts tomorrow, is “about how innate consciousness and connection is to the blessed herbs,” says Banton

It’s 4/20, which means there’s no better time for a new collaboration from dancehall legend Buju Banton and Snoop Dogg about the magical mysteries of marijuana, aptly titled, “High Life.” 

The breezy, bumping, horn-laced tune is “about how innate consciousness and connection is to the blessed herbs,” Banton tells Rolling Stone via email. “Not just from a feel good perspective but also a spiritual level as well. It was our intent to pay homage to that sacrament.” The two artists do exactly that, while still having some fun with it, like when Snoop Dogg raps, “Pass me chalice/Real ganja baby inside Buckingham Palace.”

“High Life” will be released tomorrow; you can check out a teaser below. The track marks the first time Banton and Snoop Dogg have worked together, with the former saying of the latter, “What I admire about Snoop’s approach to his craft is his ability to always reinvent and diversify his mass appeal. Combining our styles on this track was tremendous achievement. We did the unthinkable by the most unconventional method.”


“High Life” is one of handful of new songs Banton has released this year, along with his solo single, “Media Dolly,” which dropped in January, and “Lord I Thank You,” a collaboration with Nitty Kutchie that arrived at the end of March. His most recent album, Upside Down 2020, was released back in 2020. It marked Banton’s first album since 2010’s Before the Dawn, as well as his first since he was released from prison in 2018 after serving seven years on drug and gun charges.

As for Snoop Dogg, he’s been characteristically as ever, though “High Life” is just the second bit of new music he’s shared this year, following “Tomorrow,” a song for for the Godfather of Harlem soundtrack that features Denaun. Outside of music, Snoop popped up in a Super Bowl commercial with his good buddy Martha Stewart and also made an appearance at WrestleMania, where he took down the Miz.

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