BTS unveil adorable animated music video for ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’

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BTS have released a new animated music video for ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ starring the boyband’s avatars from their new mobile game.

In the new clip, the animated BTS members journey through the desert, before a coming across a glass jar containing a tiny island. A whale bursts out from beneath the sand and ferries the group to the island, where they interact with animals, play music and stargaze.

The new visual features animated versions of BTS’ members as they explore ‘BTS Island’, which is where their forthcoming mobile game ‘BTS Island: In the SEOM’ is set. ‘BTS Island: In the SEOM’ is currently available for pre-registration, and will be released on Android and iOS on June 28.


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Set on ‘BTS Island’, the upcoming game will be a character management simulation rich in stories and puzzles. The members of BTS were also involved in its development, and helped to design its logo, develop puzzles and test the game, as detailed on its YouTube channel.

In other news, BTS’ new anthology album ‘Proof’, which was led by ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, has earned the group their sixth Number One on the Billboard 200. The 48-track compilation debuted at the top of the chart for the week ending June 16, with 314,000 equivalent album units sold in the US.

Shortly after the release of ‘Proof’, BTS announced during their FESTA dinner, which was held to mark the group’s ninth year together, that the members would be taking a temporary break to explore solo projects.