BTS’ Suga says his first mixtape ‘Agust D’ “sounds immature” in hindsight

BTS’ Suga says his first mixtape ‘Agust D’ “sounds immature” in hindsight

South Korean musician Suga has discussed his thoughts on his 2016 debut mixtape ‘Agust D’.

The BTS member recently spoke to Billboard where he reflected on some of his past releases, such as the mixtapes ‘Agust D’ and ‘D-2’. The interview came shortly after the release of Suga latest single ‘People Pt. 2’, featuring IU.

The rapper discussed his debut solo mixtape ‘Agust D’, which also became available in full on streaming services last week after his usage of a sample from James Brown’s ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ was cleared.


“I released ‘Agust D’ when I was still very young, so, even as I listen to it now, it kind of sounds immature,” said Suga of the 2016 mixtape. “If you listen to the tone, the rap itself wasn’t very organised, I wanted to do a lot of things at that time. It just kind of keeps going very tightly and quickly.”

“But after doing so much various and diverse music, I think that people love the songs that have been released more recently than the songs that were released back then,” he added. “So, I kind of dare say that people are starting to recognise and acknowledge these songs now.”

Suga will be releasing his first solo album ‘D-Day’ on April 21, the third instalment in a trilogy of releases including his previous mixtapes ‘Agust D’ and ‘D-2’.

It will be led by the title track ‘Haegeum’ (‘해금’), and will feature collaborations with BTS bandmate J-hope, Woosung of The Rose and Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto as on other songs.

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