Breath Of The Wild Is Being Completely Remade In Minecraft

Breath Of The Wild Is Being Completely Remade In Minecraft

Breath of the Wild is being completely remade inside Minecraft.

By Jason Collins
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One of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular is because of the breadth of creativity it grants its players—some of which decided to build the entire world of Hyrule from Breath of the Wild inside Minecraft. Admittedly, this isn’t the first attempt by Minecraft players to cross the game over with other franchises. We previously saw Bloodborne, a Souls-like game, and Stargate, a sci-fi series, being remade, but the Breath of the Wild project is, by far, the most ambitious one ever.

According to Kotaku, the “project manager” behind this ambitiously massive undertaking is none other than Grazzyy, a YouTuber who became an internet sensation after announcing the project last year. Grazzyy began a series of YouTube videos documenting his journey to recreate some of the most iconic places from Zelda: Breath of the Wild inside Minecraft. His first video was about laying the groundwork for the project by building out the in-game map of Hyrule, which was later used as the foundation of the rest of the build.

Grazzyy has previously stated that he was never too invested in Mineraft’s creative more but has admitted to having a growing interest in testing his building skills by building a massive megastructure inside the game. Sure, why not build the entire in-game world inside another game? Regardless, it’s a pretty impressive undertaking since the world of Hyrule isn’t exactly small—according to Nintendo, the map size is roughly 140 square miles, for comparison, that’s about the size of 67760 football fields.

As the master-builder himself—we’re referring to Grazzyy—has stated, this actually isn’t the first time someone has recreated a Breath of the Wild map inside Minecraft. However, all the previous endeavors only touched upon certain areas or landmarks, which makes Grazzyy’s project fundamentally different, as he’s building Hyrule in its entirety. This includes the Hyrule Castle, the Divine Beasts, every ruined building scattered across the in-game world, and the guardians patrolling different areas of the game’s world.

Besides its sheer size, one of the most challenging aspects of this Breath of the Wild Minecraft build was recreating Zora’s Domain. According to Grazzyy, recreating the area took about a month of work and approximately 50 hours of playtime to complete.


Another challenging thing was getting started on building a new Breath of the Wild location. Building something of this size in Minecraft has to be taxing, which is why Grazzyy takes a few weeks off after completing a certain area of the map. Completing an area, especially when documenting it for the YouTube masses, also involves recording, editing the footage, and uploading everything.

As per some rough estimates, Grazzyy has spent approx. 450+ hours building the Breath of the Wild inside Minecraft, and when you factor in editing and rendering the footage for his YouTube channel, that number goes up to approx. 600 hours. That’s dedication right there, especially when you consider that Grazzyy hasn’t even covered 50 percent of the Breath of the Wild map, so it’s entirely possible that the total for this build might end up being north of 1200 hours.

In other Zelda- and Minecraft-related news, Henry Cavill is in talks for the Legend of Zelda movie—most likely in the role of Link—while we already got to see Jason Momoa’s character for the upcoming Minecraft film. On the gaming side, new footage from the sequel to Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom dropped approx. a week ago, showcasing all the novelties of the game, while Minecraft received a historic DLC, which introduced Mega Man X to the game.

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