Black Adam Is Making A Big Change To Iconic Hero

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By Mark McKee
| Published

There is no question that superheroes are the blockbuster juggernaut of the last decade. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a better than solid chance that the films will be successful simply because of the genre. While Disney and Marvel have seen unparalleled success, Warner Bros. and DC have seen more turmoil. Beginning with the critical disaster of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and continuing today with the turmoil surrounding Ezra Miller and Flash. There is hope on the horizon, though, as the studio has gone out and gotten the biggest actor in Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson takes on the titular role in the new film, Black Adam, and hopes to put the DC Extended Universe back on track. While he is undoubtedly embodying the character, there is one significant change he is making to villain. 

Johnson sat down with Vanity Fair and spoke about the film and one major change they made. Johnson’s Black Adam is not the only superpowered being in the movie, and the filmmaker confesses that they erased a long history between him and another. Adam will find conflict in the Justice Society of America, a much earlier formed team than the well-known Justice League. Leading the older team is a character named Hawkman (Aldis Hodge).

In the comics, the two have a long-storied history since they both originated in Ancient Egypt. Hawkman is a reincarnated being (Prince Khufu in Ancient Egypt and Carter Hall in his first appearance). When he reappears in 1940, regaining his memories along with his former love, Chay-Ara AKA Shiera Saunders, Hawkman goes head-to-head with his ultimate nemesis, Hath-Set AKA Anton Hastor. Black Adam began as Teth-Adam, who also gained his powers in Ancient Egypt. However, his background has been changed to include the fictional kingdom of Khandaq. 

aldis hodge

In the article, director Jaume Collet-Serra discussed the dynamic between the two characters. While they both have an idea of what the world needs in the way of a hero, they differ in methodology. Hawkman believes in the ultimate good overcoming evil, while Black Adam understands that evil rarely plays by the rules and intends to meet them where they are. That means he is ready and willing to not only kill but rip his enemies in half. His brutality will almost certainly cause the two to go head-to-head in a battle of physical strength and moral difference. The most important aspect of that dynamic is that it is similar to another that fans have seen recently. Superman and Batman have similar differences seeing as how Superman represents the light and Batman represents the dark. 

It is no secret that the DCEU is in trouble. With Ben Affleck all but finished as Batman, Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in question, and Ezra Miller no longer an option as Flash, there is room for a new set of heroes to take the reigns. With the star power of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, there is a possibility that he is able to get the franchise back on track to be the universe of the future.