Best Computer Speakers For Gaming

Though a gaming headset is typically the best way to listen to game audio while playing PC games–after all, headsets are practically a must for online multiplayer–you probably don’t always want to wear a headset. A good set of computer speakers can also elevate your gaming experience; there is even a growing market of speakers designed specifically for gaming. We’ve rounded up the best computer speakers in 2023. Out list includes a mix of gaming speakers and regular PC speakers..

PC speakers have come a long way in the past few years, and you can get an excellent audio setup for your PC without spending hundreds of dollars (though that’s always an option if you want the very best). In fact, many PC speakers these days support 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound and take up just a few inches on your desk. Manufacturers are even adding features found in their gaming headsets. For example, the SteelSeries Arena line of speaker systems has support for Sonar, the audio software suite that gives users personalized control over their audio experience.

Our list of the best computer speakers features products of all shapes and sizes, including traditional dual desktop speakers, sound systems with big subwoofers, and even gaming soundbars. Whether your budget is $50 or $500, we think there’s a computer speaker on this list that will appeal to you. Thankfully, there are great options that barely take up any space on your gaming desk, but there are some stellar sound systems that you may have to reorganize your setup to accommodate. Most of our picks are focused on PC gaming, but most of these speakers are great for non-gaming audio and will even work in a pinch for console gaming, too.

If you’re also looking for a new headset for private listening, we have a roundup of the best PC headsets, too. For more recommendations, take a peek at our picks for the best PC controllers, gaming keyboards and mice, chairs, and desks.

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