Bayonetta 4 Is Already In The Works, Kamiya Announces

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Bayonetta 3 has only been out for a few weeks, but series creator Hideki Kamiya has already confirmed that Bayonetta 4 is in development. He also said that the game’s ending “wasn’t conveyed correctly” and that Bayonetta 4 will be an “unexpected development,” per Eurogamer.

Though Bayonetta 3 enjoyed significant critical acclaim, fans have expressed displeasure over the game’s ending, which made certain decisions about Bayonetta’s future and romantic life that proved unpopular with the general playerbase. Its technical performance on aging Switch hardware has also been the subject of criticism.

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While it’s difficult to get into the ending’s apparent problems without revealing major spoilers for Bayonetta 3, GameSpot editor Jessica Howard explored the game’s themes in a recent feature article. As a whole, it’s fair to say that the announcement of a Bayonetta 4 isn’t exactly surprising, given how popular the previous games in the series have been. However, the fact that Kamiya is announcing the move less than a month after Bayonetta 3’s launch is definitely a bit unorthodox. Either way, judging by Platinum’s recent output, we shouldn’t expect to play the game anytime soon.

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