Battlefield 2042 Adding New 10-15 Minute Small-Scale Mode, Shutdown

Publisher Electronic Arts has revealed the next Battlefield 2042 event, Leviathan Rising, which will include a plethora of new features. Leviathan Rising will run from April 11-25, and will include a new 16-player 8v8 mode called Shutdown.

This new close-quarters mode will take place over the course of two rounds and will feature a side-swapping mechanic–allowing players to attack or defend at will. Matches typically last 10-15 minutes and send players into their opponent’s base to plant and protect Lances; the defending team must attempt to eliminate Lance-carriers, and disable Lances if planted.

Shutdown will be featured on various maps including Manifest, Exposure, Stranded, and Flashpoint.

Throughout the duration of Leviathan Rising, players will get the chance to earn a wide variety of in-game items including weapon charms, weapon skins, vehicle skins, and Specialist Sets. Some items will be available to purchase from the store, as well, including the Legendary “Bootkit” Specialist Set for Angel, among many others.

Battlefield 2042 launched in November 2021, but received mixed reviews upon release.

“What’s really impressive in Battlefield 2042 is the variety that’s on offer. It lets you play a bunch of different kinds of FPS experiences–in different game modes, in different Portal rule sets, and even in the same match as you switch between characters. Portal lets you relive the Battlefield games of the past, but on the 2042 side, DICE has cherry-picked from popular trends like hero shooters and battle royales. The best part is that, mostly, it has done a really effective job of curating those additions so that they bring more to what players already like about Battlefield, rather than change what already works,” wrote Phil Hornshaw in GameSpot’s Battlefield 2024 review.

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