Banksy rumoured to have bought Glastonbury pub

Esteemed graffiti artist Banksy has bought a historic pub in Glastonbury, according to reports.

The famous Bristol-based artist is rumoured to have ventured south and purchased the historical The Crown pub – located in a quiet village next to the Glastonbury Festival site.

Based in Pilton, it was originally built in the 1600s and is expected to have cost the artist £1million. It has remained closed for many years, although re-opened briefly in 2021 and opened again fully in November 2022 following the Coronavirus pandemic.


According to reports, The Crown underwent an extensive renovation project prior to opening, and is said to now feature decor that includes work by Banksy and his friend Dorcas Casey, who featured in his Dismaland Exhibition in 2015. ITV also claimed that the pub has clearly had “a lot of money spent on it”.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether the elusive artist will be the new owner of the venue, Pilton residents have mixed feelings about the potential acquisition. “I guess it could be true but nobody knows… no one knows what he looks like. It would be quite good if it was true. A mural might pop up on the wall,” said one resident (via ITV).

Banksy mural in Nottingham. CREDIT: Instagram @Banksy

Another was more doubtful, stating: “There’s always rumours about everything, so you don’t know what to believe.”

Currently, The Crown is run by Owain Powell, who has also worked as a caterer on the Glastonbury campsite and gained local popularity by operating a mobile fish and chip shop during the COVID lockdowns.

As for why the artist may have purchased the pub, it may be because he wants to become more involved in the iconic festival, some suggest. “Banksy loved the idea of being part of Glastonbury and its right-on message,” said a source to The Sun (via Far Out). “It’s also a gateway to all the music superstars who attend. He has put a decent chunk of money in.”


Earlier this year, it was reported that Banksy’s Valentine’s Day artwork would be relocating to Dreamland in Margate. The artwork, which originally arrived in Kent town on February 14, depicted a 1950s-era housewife who has a bruised eye and is missing a tooth —seemingly highlighting domestic violence against women.

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