Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event: Everything You Can Get

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This week’s Apex Legends patch has brought a wide selection changes to the game, including balance updates for legends and weapons, a limited-time return of the fan-favorite Control mode, and Lifeline’s first town takeover. Even more, it introduces the brand new Awakening Collection Event–bringing with it plenty of new cosmetics for fans to pick up and a final reward of Valkyrie’s heirloom–and a reward tracker full of extra goodies to earn. Here’s everything you can get during the event.

Awakening Collection Event items

The Awakening Collection Event is sporting a total of 24 event items you can grab for varying amounts of Apex Coins or Crafting Materials. Once you’ve obtained them all, you’ll earn Valkyrie’s heirloom “Suzaku” for your investment.


Epic frames, emotes, and holospray

The epic items in the event cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Materials.

  • “Robot Rampage” Fuse Frame
  • “Rings of Power” Seer Frame
  • “Beamed” Holospray
  • “Skate or Fly” Seer Skydive Emote
  • “Butterfly Barrage” Bangalore Emote
  • “Working the Angles” Newcastle Emote

Epic skins

The epic skins in the event cost 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Materials.

  • “Boiling Point” Caustic Skin
  • “Chrome Dome” Gibraltar Skin
  • “Tip the Scales” R-99 Skin
  • “Brood Buster” Prowler Skin
  • “Underwater Love” Mastiff Skin
  • “Core Sponsor” L-Star Skin

Legendary skins

The legendary skins in the event cost 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Materials.

  • “Existential Threat” Ash Skin
  • “Supreme Lupine” Loba Skin
  • “Non-State Actor” Mad Maggie Skin
  • “Envious Attitude” Seer Skin
  • “Animal Instinct” Fuse Skin
  • “Atom Heart Mother” Horizon Skin
  • “Limit Breaker” Rampart Skin
  • “Supreme Lethal” Longbow Skin
  • “Unsung” Hemlok Skin
  • “Heaven Piercer” CAR Skin
  • “Hardball” Peacemaker Skin
  • “Black Rain” Rampage Skin

Final reward

After purchasing all 24 other cosmetics in the event, you’ll earn Valkyrie’s heirloom “Suzaku” alongside her “Angel’s Arrival” pose and a new intro quip wherein she says “This little viper’s got her mom’s fangs!”

Reward Tracker items

In addition to the collection event, Awakening has also introduced a new prize tracker with cosmetics, trackers, and more that can be earned by completing challenges at no cost. You can earn up to 1,600 points per day.

Awakening Reward Tracker
  • “Awakening” Banner Badge
  • “Awakening” Music Pack
  • “Awakening” Transition
  • “Kills as Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Kills as Ash” Tracker
  • 1x Apex Pack
  • “Wins as Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Mecha-Moth” Charm
  • “Damage Done as Pathfinder” Tracker
  • “Wins as Ash” Tracker
  • “Path of Glory” Pathfinder Skin
  • “Reptilian Fury” Havoc Skin
  • “Damage Done as Ash” Tracker
  • “Widow Wing” Bocek Skin

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