Anne Heche Was Involved In A Horrific Car Crash

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By James Brizuela
| Published

A tragedy has struck the acting world, as famed actress Anne Heche was involved in a horrific car crash late last night. She had apparently crashed her car into a home, which led to a fire engulfing both the car she was driving and the home she had crashed into. She is currently in the hospital in critical condition with severe burns on her body and face. The actress was caught on a Ring camera flying through a residential neighborhood in her blue Mini Cooper. The audio heard in the video is the moment where she impacted the house in that neighborhood. You can see that video below:

Authorities were told that Anne Heche became erratic while in an apartment complex, as she initially crashed into a garage in that complex. Pictures were taken showing concerned residents attempting to get Heche out of her car, but she put the car in reverse and sped off. Shortly after crashing into the garage at the apartment complex, she was shown in the above video flying through a residential neighborhood at high speeds, where she tragically crashed into a home. There are no reports that anyone in the home she hit was hit, which is fantastic news. It seems that she is the only one that has been injured in the wreck.

First responders on the scene believed that whoever had been driving the car was not going to be alive, as flames had engulfed both the car and the home. When they pulled the car out, they discovered that Anne Heche was alive. They proceeded to place her on a gurney, but she awoke and began to wildly flail about attempting to get off the gurney. Her face and body were covered with a white cloth, which we can assume helps the victim’s skin somehow. She is said to be in critical condition after the wreck, but she is expected to live. TMZ also reported that there was some sort of bottle with a red cap in the vehicle, which may or may not be alcohol. Heche’s condition is currently preventing medical staff from being able to test her blood alcohol content.

Further reports indicate that Anne Heche had on charred clothes as she was being taken into the back of an ambulance. There are no reports about the severity of her burns, we would imagine that they are quite extensive as her condition was said to be critical. She is reportedly intubated but expected to live. Reports about her burns are likely to come out in the coming days, though we are glad that she will make a recovery.

The hope now is that Anne Heche was not under the influence of alcohol, but with her erratic behavior, that might be the assumption currently. Thankfully, she did not hurt anyone while driving around erratically. Even concerned citizens attempted to step in and stop her from driving, which doesn’t help her case in the assumption that she was under the influence of alcohol or some other substance.