Ana De Armas Is Getting Destroyed For Her Latest Role

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By James Brizuela
| Published

The world is set to see Ana de Armas take on the role of one of the most polarizing figures in cinema history, Marilyn Monroe. She takes on the titular role in a film called Blonde. The NC-17-rated film is set to debut on Netflix on September 28th. However, fans have already begun to criticize the movie heavily based on the most recent trailer. Armas is a Cuban-born actress, who usually allows her accent to be commonplace in her acting. She has altered it to sound more like Monroe, leading fans to attack her without having seen the film first.

Everyone’s opinion about how Ana de Armas seems to be negative, as far as how she sounds. We think she sounded fine in the trailer, but it could be because she looks identical to Monroe that we looked the other way on how she sounded.

The above tweet is quite a fair point. Plenty of Americans have taken on roles of international characters, often sporting some less than great accents. Ana de Armas is playing Marilyn Monroe, and we should let her interpretation of the character happen.

Now we are attacking Scarface? Honestly, this tweet made us laugh. Ana de Armas is in no way the same as hearing Pacino attempt to sound Cuban. Also, Scarface became a cultural phenomenon, so Blonde might be on the way to some great heights if this comparison rings true.

Ana de Armas might need an accent coach in the same way that the above person needs a spelling coach. We know Twitter only allows for a certain number of characters but spelling out words entirely matters.

This is a tweet that we can get behind. People are often too involved with someone sounding or looking exactly like the historical person they are portraying, but what about the performance? Ana de Armas looks fantastic in the film.

This was our idea too. Ana de Armas could have just gone with the traditional way in which she speaks but chose to portray Marilyn Monroe in that way for Blonde. Still, she sounds fine. People should not be so hung up on her sounding identical to Monroe.

Another fair point. Ana de Armas might have sounded a bit more awkward if she was attempting to recreate how Marilyn Monroe sounded. If it’s a blend of both her accent and her artistic approach to the character, then so be it.

Blonde has not even come out, and people are already coming after it without seeing the full film. We have only been gifted a few minutes of Ana de Armas speaking as Marilyn Monroe. However, that is just what the internet is for these days. People jump at the chance to say something negative about a typical piece of art or something they have preconceived notions about. Armas should be allowed to fully portray the character without being judged with the movie not having been released. We are excited to see the film. She sounds fine and looks good in the trailer. Blonde will debut on September 28th on Netflix.