Alleged Sega Leak Reveals Long-Rumored Persona 3 Remake, New Jet Set Radio

Persona 3 Portable is finally playable on modern platforms, but it seems that the remake rumors might be true after all. An alleged leak of internal Sega materials from 2021 has leaked online, and it includes footage of what could be a Persona 3 remake, as well as a new Jet Set Radio game.

The Persona 3 clip is a scant five seconds long and shows party member Yukari Takeba firing arrows into an enemy Shadow. The Jet Set Radio clip is also quite short, showing a figure who looks a lot like Beat dancing in a cel-shaded urban environment. Rumors of a Persona 3 remake have swirled for years, with Gematsu reporting that the project is in development, though the outlet did not verify the footage that leaked online. One of those rumors also claimed that the remake and Persona 6 would be announced in Summer 2023.

As usual with this sort of leaked footage, we recommend taking its legitimacy with a grain of salt, as it could easily be some sort of hoax. That said, reports have indicated that Sega is looking to release a new Jet Set Radio as part of its “Super Game” initiative, along with a possible new entry in the Crazy Taxi series. It is also worth noting that a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio called Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently in development.

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