Akademiks takes a photo with Donald Trump at UFC fight

Akademiks takes a photo with Donald Trump at UFC fight

DJ Akademiks has been spotted hanging out with former US President Donald Trump at a UFC fight over the weekend.

Akademiks has previously voiced his support for Trump and his presidency, confirming his support in interviews and posting videos to his Instagram of snippets from one of Trump’s 2022 pep rallies.

The two attended Miami’s Kaseya Center on Saturday night (April 8) to watch UFC 287’s main event rematch between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira. The crowd was star-studded with Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, and Dana White in the front row of the match.


Posted the next day (April 9) on his Instagram, the image showed Akademiks posing next to the 76-year-old and joked about being his Vice President in 2024.

“Might have to take up Uncle Trump on his offer of being His Vice President 2024,” he wrote in the caption, “Bruh told me ‘No way you’d be worse than Kamala’.”

The photo has been liked over 50,000 times and the comments are full of sarcastic quips from fans. One said, “Big Ak tryna save on taxes!”

Whereas the rapper Freddie Gibbs commented on the picture on Twitter, tweeting “This room stank.”


Last September, Akademiks spoke about wanting to vote for Trump in 2024 in an interview with DJ Vlad. He said: “The reason why is he’s the only other candidate and four more years of [Joe] Biden — I’m not going for that.”

“I’m one of those people where I don’t have to agree with all your thoughts or whatever,’ he continued. “But I’m simply looking at life under two presidents and this motherfucker [Biden] looks senile and I think that we need him out of there.”

He also commented on how he votes, saying, “In the last two or three years, I’ve realized that I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican because I have ideals on both sides of the fence that I weigh differently at different times.”

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In other news, Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury in the first criminal case against a former US President. He has been charged and arraigned on 34 felony counts due to falsifying business records. The records mainly covered up hush money paid out to various associates of Trump’s.

Meanwhile, Akademiks has newly signed an exclusive deal with right-wing video platform Rumble. The deal promises Akademiks to live-stream on the app three to five days a week. He said he’s “looking forward to being one of the first to bring music and cultural conversations” on Rumble.

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