Adam Sandler Wants A Sequel To His Best Comedy

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Adam Sandler revealed he would be open to making a sequel to The Waterboy.

By Chad Langen
| Published

According to ComicBook, comedian Adam Sandler revealed that he was open to playing more foosball in Waterboy 2, should the sequel ever happen. The 56-year-old actor recently appeared on Variety’s Award Circuit Podcast to promote his sports flick Hustle, which premiered on Netflix back in June. He discussed the positive buzz surrounding his performance in the feature as well as how delighted he would be to reprise the role of Bobby Boucher in a follow-up to 1998’s The Waterboy.

“That would be fun as hell,” Adam Sandler said when asked about the possibility of Waterboy 2. “I love Mama.” Mama refers to the character Kathy Bates portrayed in the original film, Helen “Mama” Boucher.

Additionally, Adam Sandler welcomed a potential Waterboy 2 by praising actor Henry Winkler, who played his character’s football coach in the first film. He said, “I love Henry Winkler. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me.”

The Waterboy was released in theaters on November 8th, 1998, and earned around $39 million in its opening weekend. The film, which stars Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, Jerry Reed, Peter Dante, and Blake Clark, went on to gross an impressive $186 million worldwide from a budget of $23 million. For Sandler, the movie is arguably one of his best comedies, so it’s rather surprising a Waterboy 2 was never greenlit.

Although the Frank Coraci-directed comedy flick was pretty much panned by critics, with a 33% rotten rating from 75 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the film fared far better with audiences, with a 75% fresh rating from over 250,000 users. When it comes to Adam Sandler, his movies tend to be much better received by traditional viewers than critics. That trend would likely continue should Waterboy 2 ever see the light of day.

Adam Sandler has always been known for his roles in comedy features, and the actor was at the height of his career in the 1990s, starring in a slew of hit comedies including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, and of course, The Waterboy. Surprisingly enough, none of those movies ever had a sequel, even though they all performed exceptionally well at the box office. It’s safe to say Waterboy 2 is one follow-up we’d all be on board with.

If Adam Sandler were ever to return for Waterboy 2, he’d have to bring with him the talent from the first movie. After all, it’s hard to imagine a sequel without Kathy Bates yelling obscenities as Helen Boucher, or Henry Winkler’s Coach Klein motivating Bobby Boucher in the most hilarious ways. Of course, a return from Fairuza Balk as Vicki Vallencourt is an absolute must!

Considering that just about every other movie released these days is either a sequel or a reboot, now is the perfect time for Adam Sandler to introduce a new generation of viewers to Bobby Boucher in Waterboy 2. The former Saturday Night Live star has really begun to show his versatility as an actor with recent pictures like Uncut Gems and Hustle. Perhaps all the positive buzz surrounding his performances in those features will serve as the negotiating power he needs to get the sequel greenlit.