A24 Throws Hot Dog Shade At Oscar Mayer After Everything Everywhere All At Once Gets 11 Academy Award Nominations

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There is shade… and then there is Academy Award-worthy shade. That is what the social media team at A24 just threw at Oscar Mayer after the enormously creative film Everything Everywhere All At Once dominated the pool of Oscar nominees, earning 11 nods (the most of any movie) including Best Picture, Director, and nods for all of its key cast members. Naturally, the team behind the film felt compelled to celebrate – the Daniels got clever on social media and Jamie Lee Curtis got emotional after picking up her first career nomination. But this hot dog-related tweet takes the cake. 

The brilliant Everything Everywhere All At Once takes its own spin on the concept of the multiverse, following Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) around numerous universes as she tries to emotionally connect with her daughter (Stephanie Hsu) and pay off her laundromat’s back taxes. Believe me, it’s much more complicated than that, skipping through endless iterations of existence that include everything from rocks on a cliff’s edge to people with hot dogs for fingers. We didn’t know it at the time, but A24 reached out to Oscar Mayer in hopes of a partnership. It didn’t work. And you just KNOW that they sat on this Tweet idea for years, waiting for the Academy Awards nominations.

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Amazing. Hilarious. And exactly what you’d expect behind the folks who helped bring Everything Everywhere All At Once to the big screen and, eventually, to the Academy Awards. I’m not entirely sure how the Oscar Mayer sponsorship would have worked. Could the hot dog fingers worn by Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis in that version of Evelyn’ reality have had the Oscar Mayer logo, possibly in the place of fingernails? That might have worked, and would have been superior to just mentioning the brand name in the closing credits. 

Michelle Yeoh hot dog finger universe in Everything Everywhere All At Once

(Image credit: A24)

Then again, the hot dog hands now have a life of their own. Andrew Garfield was seen wearing them in interviews, which delighted Michelle Yeoh to no end. And Yeoh even brought them up when discussing possible EEAAO spinoffs she would like to see happen. It shows the reach of Everything Everywhere All At Once, a reach we hope continues through the Oscars ceremony. 

If you haven’t yet caught up with Everything Everywhere All At Once, we have important information on how to stream the film, as well as really interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the movie that you can check out once you have screened it. Just please, don’t go looking for the rocks that The Daniels used in the film. They’re in a very dangerous place now, and retrieving them would be a nightmare. 

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