A Ghostbusters Funeral Casket Is Now Available

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By Vic Medina
| Published

According to a listing on eBay, you can now buy a Ghostbusters-themed funeral casket. Ladies and gentlemen, it not only is a great time to be alive, but it’s also an even greater time to be dead. The casket, designed to look like the Ghostbusters car the Ecto-1, is available from Nashville Casket Sales, an actual casket company that specializes in custom caskets. According to the listing, the Ghostbusters casket is a one-off custom casket and not a licensed product. It can be yours for a fairly reasonable price of $5,000 plus shipping to your destination.

Sporting an all-white paint job with red striping, the Ghostbusters casket is made of 20-gauge steel and features a rig with lights on top. It also features the “No-Ghosts” logo and an Ecto-1 license plate, just like the modified Cadillac hearse used in the original Ivan Reitman-directed film. According to the listing, the outer accessories are removable for easier burying. A “Proton Pack” and “Ghost Trap” made by the Rubies Costume Company are included as well, but one would think the trap should be buried with the deceased, to prevent future visits from the other side.

According to the company website, the Ghostbusters casket was designed by Nashville Casket Sales owner Joe Stacey to promote the release of the 2021 film Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The eBay listing claims this will be the only one made (likely to avoid being sued by Sony and Columbia Pictures), so if you are even thinking of buying this, you might want to get your credit card warmed up. With Sony already announcing a Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel is coming in 2023, the casket might actually be in higher demand soon.

Ghostbusters merchandise and collectibles are their own little industry, as a visit to the official Ghostbusters online store will reveal. Most of the items are t-shirts, mugs, and toys, but a handful of items, particularly the costumes and replica Proton Pack, are premium collectibles that sell for over $100. If you’re really looking to pay big bucks for Ghostbusters merchandise, that you can enjoy while still alive, props from the original films are your best bet. A June auction by The Propstore in Los Angeles offered an original “Ghost Trap” from Ghostbusters II, which sold for $87,500 with the buyer’s premium. Dan Ackroyd’s screen-worn Ghostbusters II jumpsuit sold for over $53,000. A Ghostbusters casket would be a great place to store your collection of props and collectibles if you had the room.

The Ghostbusters casket will set you back a bit more than other Nashville Casket Sales custom caskets, because of the decorative accessories that come with it. They offer caskets in the $2,500 to $3,000 range with Star Wars graphics or even one designed to look like the “General Lee” car from The Dukes of Hazzard, complete with an orange paint job and the Confederate flag on top (no, we’re not kidding about that). The company does offer an officially-licensed “Kiss Kasket,” for members of the Kiss Army who have shuffled off to the great beyond. The casket is black with red flames, with pictures of the band members on the railings and a black velvet interior. It is the same casket design that both Vinnie Paul and his brother Dimebag Darrell of Pantera were buried in.