A Gaming PC Inside A Toilet Actually Exists

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By Jason Collins
| Published

For decades hardcore gamers have dreamt about gaming rigs that would allow them to eliminate all the bodily waste accumulated by fueling their bodies with junk food without having to employ bipedal movement prompted by a pesky bodily function that hiders their seamless ability to continuously stare at the screen for hours on end. Well, as it turns out, one YouTuber achieved the gamers’ dream and finally built a fully functional gaming PC toilet. So now he can finally pew-pew while doing the poo-poo.

According to IGN, a YouTuber, Basically Homeless, has just achieved what it’s believed to be the peak of humanity’s technological achievements by building a fully functional gaming PC inside a fully functional toilet. This achievement will be set in stone as humanity finally transcends the need for smartphones during their most intimate moments with themselves, and we can expect to see game controllers surpassing something else as the world’s most handheld object in the bathroom. The PC Toilet has finally arrived — and has he addressed the snake issue (pun not intended)?

For as long as toilets and video games have existed simultaneously in our world, humanity has tried combining the two, and the furthest we got was taking out smartphones, tablets, or in more extreme cases, laptops with us when we do our business. Basically Homeless has now put an end to this, and all jokes aside, his design is praiseworthy, to say the least. PC case modding requires crafty hands but building an entire PC inside a working toilet tank is a whole new level of ingenious handiness.

Water is a tricky liquid; it’s deadly to humans if they’re submerged for too long and even deadlier to sensitive electronics our PCs are made of. Not to mention that it can leak even through the tiniest of cracks (pun intended?) and cause irreparable damage to surrounding objects. And truth be told, Basically Homeless explained that his first attempt at creating a PC toilet was a failure due to a water leak. Luckily no PC components were harmed during the making of this unusual gaming rig.

Luckily, he managed to create a much-needed barrier inside the PC toilet that separates the moderately powerful 12th Gen Intel CPU and an Nvidia 3060 GPU from the water. Of course, it’s a well-known fact among gamers that the performance of their PC drops by approx. 50% if they don’t have RGB lighting (obvious sarcasm), but in this case, the lighting is there to showcase this fantastic build through the plexiglass window that was fabricated on the front panel of the water tank.

It’s a staggeringly impressive and quite strange PC build. Basically Homeless documented the entire process and stated that building a PC toilet also allowed him to learn more about plumbing — more than he’d ever expected. So, in addition to building a cool and unique PC, he also gained some valuable skills along the way and seemed to enjoy the entire process of building a PC toiler. He’s really going to flush out the competition during his gaming sessions.