A Fan-Favorite Horror Series Is Making A Streaming Comeback

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Hemlock Grove has been saved from Netflix cancelation by FilmRise.

By James Brizuela
| Published

It is not often that once a fan-favorite series is canceled, it is brought back by another streaming service. Well, fans of Hemlock Grove will be thrilled to know that the horror and drama series has been saved after it was unceremoniously removed from Netflix last month. The series has now made a home on FilmRise, through a deal that was made by the streamer and the producer/distributor of the series, Gaumont.

Hemlock Grove was one of the first original shows made by Netflix, which seems odd that the streaming service was quick to let it go, though the massive round of layoffs and troubles at the company might have been a huge reason why. Eli Roth executive produces the series, and the man is a known horror creator, having previously worked on Hostel, Grindhouse, and Knock Knock. Hemlock Grove will join Hannibal as Gaumont’s titles move to the FilmRise OTT channels.

This is huge news for a series that truly boasted one of the biggest casts. Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgard, Landon Liboiron, Kaniehtiio Horn, and Joel de la Fuente all appeared in Hemlock Grove, and now fans can see them all once again. We now wonder if Hemlock Grove being saved by another streaming service means that more of the show could be on the way. The series only has three seasons currently, all of which had been available to stream up until October.

Hemlock Grove might also be brought back as a movie, which is another case for shows that usually get canceled by streamers. Sometimes it takes years for that to happen, like Deadwood over at HBO, but fans could be gearing up to see more Hemlock Grove content come out sooner rather than later. This is just speculation currently, but FilmRise clearly liked what they saw enough to want to strike a deal to bring the horror drama series.

There is no established date for when Hemlock Grove is going to head over to FilmRise, but it is still exciting that the series is going to get another chance at life. Assuming that most of us have not seen the series, this is your chance to watch it. While the series has mostly been critically panned with a poor 38% critic approval rating, audiences have enjoyed it far more, as the series holds a 63% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

When Hemlock Grove was pulled from Netflix, there were plenty of fans begging for it to be saved by another streaming service, which could be why it has now been saved. Sometimes petitions online and fan outrage can do some wonderful things and it appears as though those exact things could have led to the series being saved.

Again, we are not sure when Hemlock Grove will be available to stream, but fans can your eyes peeled for when it drops on the FilmRise streaming app channels. Also, though Hannibal is available on Hulu, it can also be streamed on FilmRise. The Eli Roth horror series is now officially saved, and be on the lookout for potential additions like a new season or movie.