20-Foot Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet, The World’s Largest, Is Coming To A Museum This Summer

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A 20-foot Donkey Kong arcade game is coming to a New York museum in partnership with Nintendo, and it’s the world’s largest arcade game of its kind.

The Strong National Museum of Play, based in Rochester, New York, has announced that its planned expansion will include the massive DK arcade game. The museum worked with Nintendo of America on this project by “providing input,” according to the museum. You can see a render of what it will look like in the image below.

In a news release, The Strong National Museum Of Play’s Jon-Paul Dyson said, “Donkey Kong is a true titan in the video game world–both in terms of character size and the iconic status of the game–so it lends itself perfectly to this playful, whimsical installation.”

The museum is undergoing a 90,000 square-foot expansion with a focus on the history of video games. It’s expected to open on June 30, 2023, featuring the DK arcade game and more.

The DK arcade game is about 370% bigger than the original, and it’s made of an aluminum frame with an MDF fiberboard. Players will stand at a pedestal featuring a standard-size control panel with the familiar buttons and joystick. The super-size DK arcade game uses a motherboard from an original DK cabinet, so players are getting the genuine experience.

The Strong National Museum Of Play includes the World Video Game Hall of Fame. This year’s finalists include Age of Empires, Angry Birds, Barbie Fashion Designer, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Computer Space, FIFA International Soccer, GoldenEye 007, The Last of Us, NBA 2K, Quake, Wii Sports, and Wizardry. This year’s inductee will be announced on May 4.

DK is featured in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is in theaters now and doing big numbers at the box office. He’s voiced by Seth Rogen, and a DK spin-off movie might come next.

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